Challenge Pro Mode Arena 99x1

Posters Name: WaRMaN
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Subject: Challenge Pro Mode Arena 99x1

With the new release of CPMA 99x1 for Q3A, comes changes to this fast paced hard hitting MOD. Fixed:

  • chg: the "low" ammo point for SG is 5 rather than 10
  • chg: enabled armoursystem vote in CQ3
  • chg: cg_shadows 2 and 3 removed - too buggy and cheaty (both project through walls etc)
  • chg: stepup events optimized
  • chg: improved client prediction during djumps - CPM3 lower rl is easiest place to see the difference
  • chg: popsicles refreeze over time if abandoned mid-thaw same rate as for thawing, i.e. if you thaw for 2 secs then leave for 1 sec, there's 2 secs left
  • If you haven't played Quake 3 with the physics that CPMA offers, then I must say that this is a mandatory download!

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