AMD Thoroughbred 2200+

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Subject: AMD Thoroughbred 2200+

For those considering upgrading to a new processor, AMD officially releases the new Thoroughbred 2200+ processor today. The TBred is basically a clone of it's younger sibling, the XP, with the exception that they have shrunk the die size to .13 microns, which means less power requirements (voltage) and less heat which equal better overclocking (*grin*). It's a shame they didn't include any newer features like more cache, SSE2 instructions, or other new features, but I suppose the smaller die size (and the fact that they did reduce the amount of transistors a bit) should suffice for now. If you're looking for a review, there's quite a few out there, so to help you decide if you are gonna want to upgrade, I'll list a few of them:

Tech Report
I'm sure there's plenty more out there, but this should give you enough information to round it all out.

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