NVidia Jumps In The Sack With AMD

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Subject: NVidia Jumps In The Sack With AMD

In a press release today, NVidia states that all of their components including the nForce Platform Processors as well as the Detonator Series of drivers for the Geforce line of video cards have been optimized for the AMD Athlon XP 2200+. They are trying to grab an edge where-ever they can if you ask me. Here is a quote from the press release:

“Through our deep working relationship with AMD, we have transitioned the PC from a rudimentary device into a platform that is capable of performing the most complex tasks requested by today’s most demanding users,” said Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. “The combination of our nForce Platform Processors and AMD’s new Athlon processors manufactured on 0.13 micron process technology offers radical levels of performance and functionality at extremely competitive price points, and we look forward to continued architectural innovation as we deliver unprecedented real-time graphics, audio, networking and streaming experiences to the PC desktop.”
You can checkout the whole press release here on NVidia's Website....

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