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Here's a little bit of info from PC Games, regarding the new vampiristic game from Majesco and Terminal Reality.

As a hampire (half human, half vampire) working for the government in the 30's, it's your job to stop the Nazis from taking over the world through occult means. How the heck is one "person" supposed to stop an army of disgruntled Germans and a slew of nasty monsters? Well, like Blade, you can kick some serious booty. Armed with nasty blades and guns picked off of fallen enemies, BloodRayne decapitates, dismembers, bludgeons, and eviscerates all in her path.

What's slightly weird about the game's premise is that this totally slick-looking vamp chick, who exudes Lara Croft-like 1990s modernity, but lives in the 1930s and fights Nazis. Hmm... The backstory is a work of fiction, however, that fits right into videogame plausibility, i.e., anything that sounds good goes. Employed with a secret fraternity targeted on destroying supernatural threats, agent BloodRayne must seek out and then take out a powerful Nazi, Jurgen Wulf, whose plans are much larger than BloodRayne even knows. Naturally, Wulf is well protected by hordes of Nazis, and behind these grunt Nazis is an elite group of far more lethal super evil Nazis.
So, there ya go. Lots more info available in the preview. Also available, is their ever-present media page.

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