nForce PCI Bus Write Issue Resolved

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Subject: nForce PCI Bus Write Issue Resolved

For those of you who own a motherboard with the heart of a an Nvidia nForce chipset, you may have noticed that your throughput to the PCI bus was rather pathetic (assuming you actually monitor these types of things). The good news is that there appears to be a resolution to the issue at last thanks to some investigation by the folks over at The Tech Report. Apparently it boils down to an issue with an incorrect setting or two with the machines BIOS and a simple update to the newest BIOS release resolves the issue of being strapped to a max of 20MB/s bursts. The only users left out in the dark so far are users of the MSI MS-6373 board, who seem to have provided no update or information as of yet. Moral of the story, if you own a nForce chipset based mainboard, update your BIOS to make sure you're getting the bandwidth your PCI cards need.
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