Half-Life Server Releases

Posters Name: Curve
Posters Email: curve@mwgl.org
Subject: Half-Life Server Releases

The Half-Life server files have been released prior to the client side files as per usual. You can download the server files from the fileplant mirrors (links found below), find a link at CSNations page or wait until Squirre1 gets the files uploaded on the download section.

FilePlanet Mirrors:
Win32 Half-Life Dedicated Server - Update (7.3Mb)
Win32 Half-Life Dedicated Server Full Install (117Mb)

Linux Half-Life Dedicated Server - Update (6.6Mb)
Linux Half-Life Dedicated Server Full Install (115.3Mb)

Look for mirror coverage of the client side files tomorrow starting at 1PM CST.

We have added this to our download areas and will be mirroring it from other MwGL servers. Please stay tuned..

You can get the dedidated server files here as well:
hlserver4110.exe -- MwGL Site
Source: PHL (http://www.planethalflife.com)

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