Never Winter Nights Due Out This Month

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Subject: Never Winter Nights Due Out This Month

I imagine some of you were probably foaming at the mouth when you heard news by the folks at EB Games stating that Never Winter Nights had gone gold. Unfortunately that is NOT the case as brought to us by the folks over at GameSpot. The good news is that BioWare is still planning on it shipping this title sometime this month (yes, for those who aren't up to tracking the date due to it being summer vacation and all, that's June 2002). Mmmm, 64 player D&D goodness.

*UPDATED*Well, it now appears that BioWare is confirming that the game is finished and should be on store shelves by the end of June. Amazing what a days difference will do. Perhaps it's just a example of the left hand (PR) not knowing what the right hand (management) is doing. Either way, good news for us all!

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