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It seems as though DirectX has taken it up a version. Oh they aren't afraid, they show no fear when it comes to next versions. But seriously, this next version will take things up a notch. Look forward to seeing features that boost performance and visual goodiness for newer video cards. Here's a read from the article:

DirectX 9 includes many other features as well. Some, like displacement map support and tessellation of surfaces, were announced with the upcoming 3Dlabs and Matrox chips. Others, such as version 2.0 specs for vertex and pixel shaders and real-time animation blending, haven't yet been revealed in detail. There are also additions outside of Direct3D, the part of DirectX that many games use for 3D graphics support. Most notably, DirectMusic has seen some improvements for low-latency playback, there's more support for hardware video acceleration, and DirectPlay networking has been enhanced and ported to work on PocketPC 2002 handhelds. The most wide-ranging changes to Direct X traditionally happen with the even-numbered versions, so it's somewhat surprising to see even this many enhancements in DirectX 9.
This bad boy has just been released to beta testers so it'll be some time till Curvey and Co. can get their hands on it, but oh the yumminess. Check out the full article here.
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