HEAT MOD Game Types

Posters Name: WaRMaN
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Subject: HEAT MOD Game Types

The team at HEAT has released a description of their game modes for their upcoming MOD for Soldier of Fortune 2.

1) Robbery mod- Robbers will have to break into a vault somewhere using a code that they must find in a certain area, the code will be a simple random code that they must enter into a keypad. They then must steal whatever the item may be, money, jewlery, ect, and make it back to the gettaway point. Cops have to prevent this from happening.

2) Bombing mod- This mode of play is similar to the defuse type of gameplay. The Cops must defuse a bomb that the robbers have set, and the robbers must defend it. Expect more info on this mode soon.

3) Getaway mod (dash for cash)- All out action with a linear map with robbers at one end and cops at the other. The robbers will be carrying money bags that they must take all the way to the other side of the map to the getaway point, and cops must prevent this. There is a certain number of money bags that must be carried to the getaway point. And if a robber is killed and his money bag is not destroyed then the remaining robbers must go back for it.

They also have a buy system implemented and working! For more information on the map descriptions, head on over to their site.

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