WalMart And Lindows Vs Windows

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Subject: WalMart And Lindows Vs Windows

Recently Wal-Mart stores have started selling a line of computers that contain the OS Lindows instead of the ever popular Windows. This comes as little shock from the retail giant as they earlier released computers with no OS at all!

I am torn on what to believe about this. I credit Wal-Mart for offering the public an alternative for their computing needs, but Wal-Mart is being cheered as challenging the monopoly of Microsoft. Now the stock value of Microsoft is roughly $250 Billion, and so is the value of Wal-Mart's stock. These companies are both critisized for crushing the "little guy." It is almost hypocritical isn't it? Let me know what you think, and post a comment. The ball is now in your court Mr. Gates.

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