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Subject: EVE Online Q&A

Everywhere you turn these days, somebody's got their own massive online game or one is in the works which isn't surprising considering the revenue (gimmeh money!) growth they're predicting this market will take in the coming years. Fortunately there are plenty of reviews and inverviews with those working hard on these games to try and earn your faith and monthly payroll. The folks over at MGON have posted an interview with Mike "Campion" Wallis, producer at Simon&Schuster Interactive, about their upcoming massively multiplayer space game - EVE Online. Word:

MGON: Eve-Online is certainly a graphically pleasing game to look at from the released shots, how much are these a true representative of the over all game world? Do they do justice to the sheer feeling of overwhelming space that one would expect in this type of game?

Mike Wallis: In all honesty, the screen shots donít even do the game justice! Upon entering the EVE universe, the player is treated to a visual delight unlike any other. Ships & stations come alive in amazing realism, and special effects such as weapons fire, shields, and damage to other ships is a sight to behold. Finally, the spatial objects/environments are beautiful; nebulae, planets of all types & sizes, comets, asteroid fields, and even black holes. I suspect that many first time players will spend a good deal of their early days just flying around taking in the magnificence of the EVE universe.

Beneath all the fancy graphics & visual effects, however, are robust and deep gameplay elements which will absorb players into the game like none other.
I'm definately hoping the game isn't all eye-candy, a great background/storyline and gameplay are what make or break a game these days, everyone can do fancy graphics.
Source: MGON (http://www.mgon.com/interviews.phtml?id=138548)

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