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You've read the books, you've seen the movie, and you're anxiously awaiting the second theatrical release of Tolkien's classic Lord of The Rings. What else does that leave you to do? Well, if you're an Xbox owner, you'll be able to play the LoTR game as well. No, it's not out yet, but the guys over at has posted up an interview with Tracey Montoya, Development Producer over at WXP, the folks developing the LoTR : The Fellowship of The Ring title. Snippage:

XBD: From an visual standpoint, how difficult was it in deciding how to recreate the Middle-earth world?

Tracey: It`s been exhaustive, but I wouldn`t necessarily say difficult. Tolkien provided a great wealth of detail in his descriptions of the people and places of Middle-earth. A day in the at WXP starts with an idea which is then cross referenced at least five times. We often call upon Daniel Greenberg, our resident "Tolkien Expert". All of the content and assets are reviewed by Universal Interactive as well as Tolkien Enterprises for final verification. While it may sound a bit cumbersome it`s worth it. Our hope is that enthusiasts such as ourselves will appreciate our attention to detail and in the end will feel we `got it right`.
They've included a few screenshots from the game as it stands now just to keep you dreaming of this game until it's release, and maybe for some time after. To keep up-to-date on the newest information reguarding the game, be sure to visit the Official Homepage.
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