Turn Your Old Console Into A Windows PC

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Turn Your Old Console Into A Windows PC

Still have an old NES, Atarti 2600, or Amiga 1000 sitting in your closest gathering dust because it no longer works but you dare not throw out such great pieces of history? What else is one to do with these old, non-functioning classics? Turn 'em into a Retrosystem. Everyone knows case-moddin' is a big thing today, with new ideas and features appearing at every new LAN event around. "What exactly is a Retrosystem?" you may, well, here's what they've got to say about it:

We take original console or computer cases, clean them up, restore them, and build you a complete Windows/Linux compatible system to the limits of technology and to the limits of what we can stuff into these cases.

Currently we're working with Amiga 1000 cases, Atari 2600 cases and the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console game case.

We're using some of the smallest commercially available Windows/Linux compatible motherboards and parts as needed. In all of our systems you're getting a machine that's decades beyond it's original design. You might be getting a supercharged Amiga 1000 that runs all Amiga applications as well as Linux or Windows applications.
Those who have the tools and skills would probably prefer to tackle this on their own rather then shelling out the average $1,000 price tag, others may prefer the purchase route and save the headache and hasle of tracking down parts and pieces that will fit into such a confined space.

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