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Subject: New NWN Patch

BioWare Corp. released the 1.21 Patch for Neverwinter Nights yesterday. The patch can be installed using the automatic update button on the main menu screen, or you can manually update by using this patch. The complete list of updates included with this patch are as follows:

• Added the ability to Save Games in the Windows Dedicated Server
• Contest of Champions module included
• Items located in Creature Inventory slots will now be DELETED when validating a Player through ELC and ILR.
• Custom modules that use Creature Inventory slots to assign Sub Race abilities will have to re-add items on joining the custom module.
• Item Costs will now be properly calculated for Plot items in ELC checks.
• Sped up character listing coming from a Dedicated Server.
• Fixed an issue with saving at inopportune times resulting in breaking save games.
• Fixed some item "ghosting" issues.
• Fixed the DM Faction bug, where possesing a creature results in that creature's friendly faction going hostile.
• 2DA files are now being loaded in the proper order in Hak Paks.
• General bug fixes.

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