Eidos Converting Games To DVD Only

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Subject: Eidos Converting Games To DVD Only

The folks behind the ever-popular Tomb Raider series of games, Eidos Interactive, apparently are looking at moving all their games to DVD only starting in 2003 according to GameSpy Daily. Kind of sketchy, but they only mention Eidos Interactive Germany, but I can't imagine that only one portion of the company would move towards this format.

The pivotal spring of the company's decision is the increasing failure of the CD-format's copy protection. Especially in Germany a lot of illegal copying takes places -- the country bears the lamentable title of Weltmeister (World leader). Eidos Germany's decision is especially prudent considering its line-up for 2003 -- games like Commandos 3 and Deus Ex 2 are bound to be titles in demand.
It's an interesting move, and one that might be a little premature. Still, moving titles to DVD will likely take a big bite out of the ISO warez scene, especially for single player games that don't require online authentication.
Could be interesting to see, I know alot of people have DVD drives in their systems, but there are people like me that would have to go out and buy one just to be able to load a game. I've wondered how long it'd be before this started happening, in alot of ways it makes sense. Why ship a game on 3+ CDs when you can put it on a single DVD, I'm just not sure if pushing it in this manner rather than offering a choice will play out with all gamers.
Source: GameSpy Daily (http://www.gamespydaily.com/)

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