HL / CS 1.5 Soon

Posters Name: Curve
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Subject: HL / CS 1.5 Soon

No I did not get drunk and decide to post worthless news... again.. This is the real deal! In case you don't remember Valve had been putting out beta release for servers in their attempt to fix bugs. Well, to further that, brand spankin new client and server files should be ready maybe as early as this coming Wednesday! Here's a release from Mr. Erik Johnson:

We generally let the lists know when we're totally nailed down and getting ready for the release. Right now we're planning the release for next Wednesday, but if we run into any significant problems in testing we'll have to push things back a week.

We'll know on Friday if things are going to go ahead as planned, and we'll let you know here. We didn't want to get all the alarm bells ringing until it's a definite thing
In related news, Erik is kinda good looking for a computer guy, but then so is Squirre1. This is Curve, and this has been a CS moment.
Source: CSNation (http://csnation.counter-strike.net)

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