nVHardPage v0.97.7b

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: nVHardPage v0.97.7b

Ever since NVmax ceased to be a great tool for Nvidia owners to tweak their setup, many have searched to find a great tool to replace it with. Fortunately, there's a great little utility called nVHardPage. Thanks to the folks at Guru3d, a new version of this utility ahs been released. What exactly can you do with nVHardPage? "This program serves on enabling/disabling hidden features in nVidia control panel and tweaking nVidia Direct3D & OpenGL settings. Supported OS: WinXP, Win2k, Win9x/Me - only CoolBits & Display orientation at the moment. Supported Drivers: Detonators 21.81 and higher". The new version fixes/adds the following updates:

  • Added higher-order primitives support emulation
  • Added alpha fs f/d option
  • Added option for easy change of screen resolution
  • Fixed D3D Antialiasing settings and detection
  • Fixed OpenGL Antialiasing settings and detection
  • Added support for 2 nV cards in system
  • Updated preset manager
  • Updated OpenGL anisotropic filtering option
  • Some others small fixes and changes
  • News in adapter info program:
  • Added object LOD support
  • Updated caps info
  • Definately a nice little program for those wanting a bit further control over their Nvidia video card. Grab your copy today.

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