AMD To Introduce 333Mhz Front Side Bus

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Subject: AMD To Introduce 333Mhz Front Side Bus

Anyone who owns an AMD based system, or even given it some thought, has probably heard of AMD's constant denials that they would be introducing any Athlon XP processor based on the 333Mhz FSB. Well, the good news according this report at AMD MB, it appears as if they will, in fact, be doing so. While AMD has announced the introduction of the AMD XP2400+ and XP2600+ processers later this year, there is no set date on the 333Mhz FSB versions as of yet. Apparently Intel's sudden push to hit the 3Ghz mark by years end and pushing most of their Pentium 4s to 533Mhz FSB has been enough reason for AMD to move forward. There's also news that AMD has been able to resolve some longstanding issues they've had with the Thoroughbred core and updated to a new "rev2" which appears to be working better than expected. And so the Intel vs AMD struggle continues, which in the end, can only prove beneficial to the PC owner, especially us gamers.
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