Detonator v30.82 Driver For Win2k/XP & Win9X/ME

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Subject: Detonator v30.82 Driver For Win2k/XP & Win9X/ME

Warp2Search is currently hosting a new set of Detonator drivers (link is for Win2k/XP) for all Nvidia branded graphics card owners running all flavors of Windows (9X, ME, 2k, and XP). There's no information reguarding performance gains/losses as of yet, and remember, being that this is a Beta release, it's a use at your own risk kinda thing. The driver files for the v30.82 release are dated 07/16/2002 and is a generic release, hence all Nvidia adapters should be supported.

v30.82 for Windows 2k/XP
v30.82 for Win9X/ME.

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