DOOM III At QuakeCon

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Subject: DOOM III At QuakeCon

Good news for those of you planning on attending the upcoming QuakeCon 2002 as id Software will be giving fans their first demostration of the upcoming DOOM III title in their DOOM III Theatre! Snip:

MESQUITE, Texas - August 1, 2002 - id Software and Activision's DOOM III theater, which unleashed its fury at E3 2002, last May in Los Angeles, will endure a 1,000 mile journey to arrive in Mesquite, the home of id Software, in time for QuakeCon 2002. The theater will showcase a demonstration of DOOM III, a mind-searing mixture of cutting-edge graphics, design and revolutionary 5.1 sound design.

Members of the id Software team will also host a special session, offering a guided tour of the DOOM III world and talking about the game's development. The preview at QuakeCon 2002 is a terrifying journey through over 12 minutes of gameplay running completely in-engine. This exclusive opportunity for gamers is only available to registered attendees of QuakeCon 2002. Each attendee will receive an admission ticket for the preview upon registering at the event.
Pure Sweetness to say the least, would almost be worth going even if you weren't competing!

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