Gaming Gone Wrong

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Subject: Gaming Gone Wrong

You may remember a headline awhile back about one individual stabbing another in a gaming center because he had been virtually stabbed by the previous player in a game of CounterStrike. Well, looks like another similar incident has sprung up reguarding "game rage". Snip:

Filipino police say a 17-year-old girl was shot dead by her schoolmate after she kept beating him at a video game. Veronica Galang was shot in the eye in front of a computer shop in Quezon City where the pair had been playing. Police are still hunting the boy, who they allege was armed with a home-made shotgun and fled after the incident. Philippine Star reports officers have discovered she had beaten him several times at the game and teased him about the standard of his play. He allegedly flew into a rage and pulled out the gun.
Well, that's definately going to extremes of being a sore looser. Remember, it's ONLY a game.
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