BioWare Developing Exclusive Title for Microsoft's Xbox

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Subject: BioWare Developing Exclusive Title for Microsoft's Xbox

Apparently not content with owning nearly the entire desktop operating system market, Microsoft is constantly striving to get developers to release Xbox only titled games (*cough* Halo *cough*) as can be seen today when Microsoft announced that they have signed a deal with BioWare to develop an exclusive first party title for the Xbox console system. Snip snip:

BioWare is known for its extremely popular "Baldur's Gate (TM) " role-playing game (RPG) series, of which more than 4 million copies have been sold worldwide. Currently BioWare, in conjunction with LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC, is developing an RPG for the Xbox video game system titled "Star WarsŪ: Knights of the Old Republic." BioWare recently released "Neverwinter Nights (TM) ," which debuted at No. 1 in North America and remained there in its first two weeks at retail.

"I'm very excited about this new alliance between Microsoft and BioWare," said Ed Fries, vice president of Xbox Game Content at Microsoft Game Studios. "These guys are some of the most creative developers in the world. We're looking forward to working with them to bring the creativity and great gameplay they're known for to Xbox."

"This opportunity to work on a brand-new intellectual property owned by BioWare as a first-party Xbox developer for Microsoft is very exciting to us," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, joint CEO of BioWare.

"Microsoft clearly shares BioWare's vision in creating first-rate games, and the team at BioWare is looking forward to working with it," said Dr. Greg Zeschuk, joint CEO of BioWare.
As much money as they've sunk into the Xbox, I can see the need for them to try to get Xbox only titles, at the same time, it just makes me want to own one less and less (i.e. burn baby, burn!).

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