Day of Defeat v3.1 Due Tomorrow

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Subject: Day of Defeat v3.1 Due Tomorrow

According to the folks over at Planet Half Life, the ever-popular Day of Defeat mod for Half Life will have a new release (version 3.1) released tomorrow (08.07.2002). Word up:

An update for Day of Defeat (DoD), the World War II based Half-Life MOD, is set for release this Wednesday, August 7. This update adds Valve's Anti-Cheating Technology to DoD, as well as various fixes and tweaks. The Linux server files will be released Tuesday evening for download. The DoD 3.1 client update will be available via traditional download as well as through Steam. Those running the Steam beta will be updated automatically on Wednesday morning. For more information on Steam, visit
Weee, more hack fixes. I may just have to start playing this game again, but then again, if it's like any other hack updates, somebody will have a new way around them in a day or two *sigh*.
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