Half-Life MOD Expo

Posters Name: WaRMaN
Posters Email: warman@mwgl.org
Subject: Half-Life MOD Expo

Valve, in partnership with NVIDIA and The CPL, have announced the Fourth Annual MOD Expo. It will be a showcase for aspiring game designers building new new MODs for the Half-Life engine.

If you have a MOD and want to show it at this year's Expo, then send an e-mail to MOD Expo with information on your project. To be selected for the Expo each MOD must be in a working state. While they do not need to be final, each MOD should be far enough along that levels, characters, and/or weapons can be demonstrated within the engine.

The MODs selected for the Expo will be announced in early July. The Expo itself will take place Monday, July 22 from 8 PM to 10 PM CDT in Dallas, Texas, during the CPL's Pentium 4 Summer Championship 2002 Event.

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