Tribes 2 Beta Update v25005

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Subject: Tribes 2 Beta Update v25005

Lo and behold, the folks over at Sierra are actually still churning out updates to Tribes 2. Users already running v2. (most current patched version), will simply need to run this patch while those updating from a clean CD install, will need to run this patch. There's a few too many updates/fixes to list here, if you'd like to see them all, just click on the Read More... button below. Currently this release is for the Windows version only, a Linux version is planned soon.
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Tribes 2 Update Beta - Readme -- Updated 6/21/02


-Team repair message spam fix
-Fixed static shape crediting bug in CTF
-Added script hooks for death types
-Added crew name position for other players on vehicle
-Fixed adminlist bugs
-Fixed periodic camera jerks
-Added export/import named selections to Mission Editor
-Fixed bug where vehicle station was saving in mission improperly
-Added MissionCleanup to the mission group in the mission editor for viewing dynamic objects
-Fixed underwater color bug
-Object builder now drops objects correctly in the world
-Flags no longer stick to mission area boundaries
-Deploy object check better for organics
-Hard editor bind to F11 removed
-Players no longer damaged by destroyed vehicles (thanks script folks!)
-NetConnection now reports netgraph properly when simulated ping and packet loss are set
-Terraformer bitmap export working properly
-Options dialog no longer has News or Forums load screen selections
-Fixed bug where players would stop receiving updates from server
-Triggers now export properly
-Fixed up selection sync'ing between object list and world editor view
-Added delete group ability
-Changed netConnection's update to reflect old method of packet send timing
-Tweaked the ELF back up a bit per request from ChrisM
-Fix for telnetConsole crash
-Fix to get time console function
-Fixed state for math copro during update loops for proper object synch

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