Layoffs At Funcom

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Subject: Layoffs At Funcom

According to this news bit over at Funcom's Anarchy Online homepage, there's been a new round of cutoffs at the company. They seem to want to stress the fact that development of their online MMORPG will not be affected. In their words:

Earlier today Funcom released a public statement outlining an organisational restructuring involving a few cutbacks in staff. Employees in all three offices were affected, but the product development of Anarchy Online will remain unaffected.

As product development will not be affected, patches and new development for Anarchy Online will continue as planned, including the expansion pack, Shadowlands. Subscription numbers for Anarchy Online have been steadily climbing since the beginning of the year, and we expect the positive trend to continue.
I'd be curious to know what "steadily climbing" numbers mean? Maybe 5 or 10 new members a month? Though I understand it's actually a pretty stable game now, who knew it'd only take a year.

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