Case Mods From the Other Side

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Subject: Case Mods From the Other Side

As the price of computer parts and accessories continue to drop, it becomes easier and easier to fill your case with the "top-of-the-line" pieces. Now that you have accomplished this, what do you do now? Well, as of late, the public has noticeably drawn great intrest in case modding. I have seen some nice case mods in my days, such as the one at the last MwGL event brought in by RRZ|Rage. His computer had the square plexiglass inlay, 3 color cathodes, an AM/FM stereo, 3" square LCD display for readings, and a few more gadgets. If you get into case modding like he does, then you will like this link I came across which leads to KoreaMOD. They have 60 case mods posted (to date), and go into great detail about each with plenty of pics. The catch is that it is written in hongul (Korean), but it is obvious what you are looking at. So, head on over and tell them kamsahamnida (Thank You) for their great mods gallery.

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