Weekly Console Sales Figures For Japan

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Subject: Weekly Console Sales Figures For Japan

Sales for week ending June 16, 2002:

PlayStation 2: 47,900 (Annual: 1,863,100)
Game Boy Advance: 31,500 (Annual: 1,285,000)
GameCube: 8,500 (Annual: 596,000)
PSOne: 4,400 (Annual: 131,800)
Xbox: 3,800 (Annual: 207,100)
Wonder Swan Color: 2,000 (Annual: 89,500)
Game Boy Color: 1,200 (Annual: 55,500)

X-box is getting creamed by the PS2 and Gamecube. I predicted all along that the X-Box would fail. Mwa ha ha.
Source: Planet X-Box (http://www.planetxbox.com)

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