Age Of Wonders II Playable Demo

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Subject: Age Of Wonders II Playable Demo

Those of you looking for a way to pass the time until Never Winter Nights and Warcraft III hit the stores need not worry. The folks over at Triumph Studios have released their final playable demo of the very recently released Age of Wonders II: the Wizard's Throne. Perhaps you'll wanna try it out before adding it to your gaming shopping list. Weighing in at 104.8MB, this demo version "features one scenario, playable from two sides as either a single player game against two AI opponents or as a multiplayer game against one human and one AI opponent. The demo offers select features, spells and units from the game," along with several multiplayer options. You can nab the demo here from Gigex (If you have issues downloading from the previous link, here's a direct link).

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