Real Fix for NextWish

Posters Name: Anthos
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Subject: Real Fix for NextWish

Okay, if you read yesterday's news, you saw my fix for the NextWish Scripts in version 1.5 of CS. Well, today, here's a better fix, allowing those little nwcs files to stay in their preferred folder. If you look in you cstrike directory, there is a file called valve.rc. Open that up with your basic text editor (e.g. Notepad) and change the exec lines from

exec NextWish\NWCS1.cfg
exec NextWish\NWCS2.cfg
exec NextWish/NWCS1.cfg
exec NextWish/NWCS2.cfg
Odd, isn't it? Well, there you go. Just a little switcheroo and you're up and running with your favorite buy scripts again.

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