Sims Online E3 Movie

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Subject: Sims Online E3 Movie

FilePlanet (no mirrors found as of yet) is now hosting the Sims Online move trailer as seen by the attendees of this year's E3 2002. Weighing in at 23.5MB, this movie gives viewers a quick little look at what Maxis and EA have planned for their announced title Sims Online. I'm honestly amazed that even their official homepage shows the expected release as "Coming in 2002", I'd of figured sometime mid-year 2003. Sure, that date is open ended and may give them up until Decemter 31st to get it on the shelves, I just hope they realize the magnitude of their fanbase and don't release it TOO soon (i.e. chocked full 'o bugs,etc.) as people have come to expect an entertaining/playable game from Maxis and their Sims line of games.

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