Killer Gaming Rig Giveaway

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Subject: Killer Gaming Rig Giveaway

If you're a frequent reader of Hard|OCP (if you're not, what's WRONG with you!), then you've probably seen the AWESOME gaming machines that the ever-so-gracious Steve (and all the dedicated hardware vendors) over at Hypothermia holds giveaways for from time to time. Well, now's the time for you to sign up for your chance to win Killer Gaming Rig #7. If you have an aging machine, heck, even have a brand-spankin' new one, sign up and make one machine a dedicated LAN Event machine! The contest will run for 30 days and you can enter once a day (all you need to supply is your name and a valid e-mail address), so post a sticky note on your monitor to remind you.
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