Counter-Strike 1.5 Issues And Work-Arounds

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Counter-Strike 1.5 Issues And Work-Arounds

You may remember a short-while back, Anthos posted a simple fix for the F1/F2 key binding issue as well the NextWish scripts associated with the Counter-Strike 1.5 update. Apparently there are a couple new bugs being reported by users in the field and there is news on the Official Counter-Strike homepage reguarding work-arounds for these errors. If you are receiving either a "Error! Server verification failed" or "TrackerUl.dll Invalid" (this is associated with the F1/F2 binding bug, use the same resolution) error, then be sure to check out the work-arounds so that you can get back up and playing/sniping/camping.

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