Driver Updates Galore

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Subject: Driver Updates Galore

Gaming news seems to be slowly trickling in today, in the mean time, why not make sure your keeping your machines drivers up-to-date.

  • Per Warp2Seach, new VIA 4.40A 4-in-1 drivers. Though I could not find them listed on VIA's homepage, Warp2Search claims "This is an official release including: New security catalog files, VIA AGP driver 4.20, VIA Inf driver 1.60a, WHQL Certificate."

  • SiS has released AGP Driver Version 1.10. Supported chipsets include :SiS630, SiS730, SiS735, SiS733, SiS635, SiS633, SiS645 , SiS650 , SiS740 and SiS745.

  • ATi has released multiple updates for users playing Grand Theft Auto 3 with the new Catalyst 2.1 drivers and have noticed excessive fog issues. Patches include : Windows XP / Windows 2000 / and Windows 9x/ME.

  • Windows XP users be sure to run Windows Update as there are several new security holes that need patched. See articles Q320678 and Q319322 for more info.

  • Not sure how many people even bother with their mouse drivers, but Logitech has released Version 9.61 drivers for their mice.
  • I'll add to this if anything else significant trickles in today driver-wise.

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