Soldner: Secret Wars Multiplayer Beta Demo

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Subject: Soldner: Secret Wars Multiplayer Beta Demo

The wait is over! After viewing screenshots and trailers, the Soldner multiplayer demo has been released. It features two playable maps, three gametypes (Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Hostage Rescue), and lots of weapons and vehicles. Here is a little about the game from the Official Soldner website:

In "SÖLDNER - Secret Wars" the player takes over the command of such a Special Forces team. As the Commander he leads a small high tech army consisting of soldiers, light armored vehicles, helicopters and VTOLS (Vertical Take Off and Landing Airplanes) to fulfill a wide variety of mission types.
The system requirements are hefty! Minimum specs are 1.4 GHz with 256 Mb ram and 32 Mb video, while the recommended specs are 2.0 GHz with 512 Mb ram and 64 Mb video. GeForce 4 MX seems to be incompatible for an unspecified reason. If you pass the requirements, then download the game from our file downloads area.

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