Update For Matrix Online

Posters Name: TechDoc
Posters Email: TechDoc@mwgl.org
Subject: Update For Matrix Online

Ok Guys, here's an update on Mx0. First off, according to the latest press release, AOL Instant Messenger will be integrated into the program. This will enable players to communicate with their fellow gamers at any time. Players who are jacked into The Matrix Online will be able to send instant messages to their friends in real time, regardless of whether or not they are playing. This will enable players in the game to chat real-time with their offline friends and ask them for gameplay tips and tricks or alert them to jack in and join a mission.

Here's some information on the skill trees for all the professions. Some of the spy abilities include disguise, twistflip escape, and freedom to joints. Programs are a big part of the Hacker abilities. Here are some samples of Viruses: buffer overflow, logic bomb, vision disruption; and Upgrades: anti-viral sweep, overclock, and signal bounce. The Solider abilities include three types of martial arts (Aikido, karate, kung fu) and three types of firearms (handgun, rifle, submachine gun). That's it for now, but keep checking back.

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