Hell Forces

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Subject: Hell Forces

Here's a game being developed by a relatively new developer, which looks to be a Russian company, Orion. Established in May 2003, Orion is currently developing the game Hell Forces, which will be published by BUKA Entertainment. It's Orion's first crack at developing a game, so we'll see how it goes. They're not looking to be terribly original, as their story will be based on "old verified gameplay with hundreds of dead monsters, barrels of blood and sarcastic humor". There will also be twenty-four types of powerful weapons, starting from a rotten pipe all the way up to a hi-tech laser sniper rifle, as well as, multiple special gadgets. In addition to the weapons and "special gadgets", look for "three different worlds to clean from servants of Baphometh". Which, I'm assuming, means that the servants of Baphometh are the bad guys that you will be gunning down on three different major levels. It certainly does look like a good game engine, though. For screenshots of this upcoming FPS, click here.
Source: GameGossip (http://www.gamegossip.com)

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