Top 10 Rented Games

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Subject: Top 10 Rented Games

Rentrak has released their results of the top 10 rented games for the week ending Apr 25. Topping the list is NBA Ballers(PS2) with the XBOX version at 5th. Second place goes to the new release of Hitman: Contracts(PS2). Third is Splinter Cell: Pandora(XBOX), and fourth is Need for Speed: Underground(PS2). The last five in order are Rainbow Six 3(PS2), James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing(PS2), Mafia(PS2), True Crime: Streets of LA(PS2) and NFL Street(PS2).

The high earner for the week was NBA Ballers, bringing in $302,095 from PS2 customers and $174,338 from XBOX customers for a total close to a half-million dollars! NBA Ballers is definately where it belongs, but there were a few games that I felt should of made the list that didn't: Tenchu(XBOX) and Fight Night 2004(PS2). FN2004 was definately overlooked as the same old Knockout Kings, but the gameplay is at a all time high for the franchise. Definately recommend you check it out.

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