First Map for UT2K4

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Subject: First Map for UT2K4

The first map for Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2K4) is out and it is a great one! It is an onslaught map which is very well balanced. It sits atop buildings which raise up 3 miles above the surface. Here is the creators story (Plutonic).

Soaring 3 miles above Earth's surface, Icarus Plaza was designed to be the ultimate residential precinct. But like its namesake, ambition for the project exceeded caution. Even before the project was completed, significant structural flaws were detected and the buildings were abandoned.
This map also features ramps for some killer vehicle jumps. But the biggest feature has to be the ability to use the Raptor to airlift the Leviathan. You read that right! One teammate flies the Raptor in slow and makes contact with the lower side. Then, the other teammate deploys the Leviathan until the Raptor makes contact. The Raptor then has the task of towing the Leviathan to a strategic location, where the Leviathon can fire it's most destructive weapon. If you accidently redeploy in mid-air, most of the time you will be relocated at the origin point. But, sometimes you could plummit to your death! There are a few bugs to be worked out, but nothing that takes away from gameplay. Just don't try to drive the Goliath over a ramp (it gets stuck). Enough explanation! Download ons-icarus from our Filedownloads area.

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