So Old, Yet So Young

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Subject: So Old, Yet So Young

I have no idea how we could have missed it, maybe we were just blind. A game was brought to my attention lately which is very sweet. Hearts of Iron is the name, Axis and Allies on crack is the game.

I can not say enough about this game other then it has about every country of the WWII era and they are all playable as well. Additionally, the map locations are so fine as compared to the larger areas of Axis and Allies. Here is a sample picture just of Europe for you to get an idea.

This is surely worth checking out just once for all you RTS players out there...

PS. They have just recently come out with a patch for the game in April. For a two year old game it is not being left behind. You can get the new patch here on FilePlanet, but we will be adding it to our download area shortly.

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