Who Needs Speakers When You Have LCD?

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Subject: Who Needs Speakers When You Have LCD?

Engineers. They're always coming up with ways to combine multiple products into one single, and hopefully easy-to-use, product. Well, looks like the folks at NXT are working toward that end with the combination of LCD display and flat panel speakers. Most amazingly is that they do this with no interference or degrade to the video quality of the LCD panel.

Its SoundVu technology has already been built into two models by Japanese electronics giant NEC.

NXT says it also could be used for other products like flat-screen televisions and is talking to several electronics manufacturers about the technology.

The Cambridge-based firm is best known for creating the technology behind flat-panel speakers.
Even if it doesn't have the worlds best sound quaility, for those who aren't interested in surround sound or EAX quality audio, it's a spiffy (*gasp*) way to reclaim some desk space for more computer junk.
Source: BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/2877205.stm)

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