9-Way AMD Shootout

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Subject: 9-Way AMD Shootout

If you're a hardware kinda person like me, then you may be interested to read Overlockers New Zealand's new 9-Way AMD DDR Motherboard Shootout. Wether your in the process of upgrading or have been thinking about it, this review should help you to decide which direction to go. Word:

From the results above, Nvidia's nF2 chipset provides 7~12% improvement under gaming condition (when GFX card is not the bottleneck) and 5~6% improvement under business tasks. Currently, Via has no retail chipset to compete with Nvidia's nF2. However, we've learnt that Via just announced its KT-400A with an improvement memory sub-system and is said to be on the same performance level as the nF2. For now, AMD DDR users can wait until the KT-400A hits the shelf or the users can grab any nF2 boards recommended below.
I personally own a ASUS A7N8X Deluxe board and I just gotta say the nForce2 chipset just blows away all the VIA based boards I've owned to-date.
Source: Overclockers New Zealand (http://www.overclockers.co.nz/ocnz/mobo/amd/nforce2/nf2ktroundup/f1.shtml)

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