Vietcong Patch v1.01

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Vietcong Patch v1.01

If you've picked up the recently released title Vietcong, be sure to run out and download the new patch. Weighing in at a measly 10MB, the patch gives you all the following goodness:

Fixes for patch v1.01:

  • Significantly improved ingame Frame Rate.
  • Fixed players respawning in each other during Multiplayer action - NB - the server must be running v1.01 to fix this issue.
  • Improved support for surround gaming (supported by Matrox Parhelia).
  • Fixed aim cross, radar and buttons in the briefing.
  • Fixed rendering of plants on Xabre graphics card.
  • Fixed some problems when using DED files to run dedicated server.
  • Fixed teamkill autokick option. Improved protection against cheaters in multiplayer.
  • Downloads can be found at 3D Gamers and Worthplaying.

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