Final Fantasy Origins Ships

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Subject: Final Fantasy Origins Ships

While today's RPGs are definately miles ahead of what we used to play in the old days of Nintendo, in terms of interaction as well as graphics, many still yearn for the RPGs of days gone by. Well, fans of the old Final Fantasy line of games rejoice, as Square Enix is shipping Final Fantasy Origins in North America.

Square Enix has today announced the North American release of Final Fantasy Origins for the PlayStation, a compilation containing greatly enhanced versions of both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. The remastered editions of the games--which date back to the 1980s--feature new cinematic movies, new opening theme songs, updates of the original event sequences, enhanced graphics, improved sound quality, and new gameplay modes designed to make the games accessible to both beginners and RPG veterans alike.
While I think I sunk the most amount of time and got my greatest enjoyment out of FF3, a remake of 1 and 2 definately sounds fun, I just wish I had an old NES pad to play them on.
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