Playstation 2 Largest On-Line Console

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Subject: Playstation 2 Largest On-Line Console

Sony is reporting that they have sold over 500,000 network adapters for the Playstation 2 console, which is way above expectaions. 2,500 people join this ever-growing community daily. This is due to Sony catering to all network connections from dial-up to cable/dsl. The Playstation 2 has surpassed XBOX LIVE! because of this fact. In my opinion though, there is a reason why XBOX only caters to high bandwidth connections. Mainly, the mix of dial-up and cable/dsl is just an equation for lag. XBOX LIVE!'s lack of games available is starting to take it's toll. This year should introduce more titles for the XBOX LIVE! and make this race more interesting.

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