16X DVD Writing By 2004

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: 16X DVD Writing By 2004

Just when you thought new DVD burners like Pioneer's newly announced/released A05 (4X DVD-R) were the hottest thing on the market, there comes word that Mitsubishi Electric Corp. plans to introduce 16X capable DVD burners by 2004.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORP. has developed a more powerful semiconductor laser that should pave the way for 16X DVD writers to be commercially available from 2004.

The new laser is able to deliver pulses of light at a power of 200 milliwatts, which is double that of lasers used in today's 4X DVD writer drives, the Tokyo company said this week.
Talk about smoking! Just imagine what the proliferation will be like as media gets cheaper, copying a DVD would cost you $1.50 and about 5 minutes of your time. Isn't technology great?!

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