GTA causes GTA?

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Subject: GTA causes GTA?

The local Panama City Florida's newspaper boasts a picture of a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the Playstation 2, with the background filled with more stolen loot and the Panama City Sheriff.

Apparently, 2 youths (dont go "My Cousin Vinny" on me) went on a thieving rampage that covered 30 vehicles. They stole everything they could get their hands on, to include credit cards, which they used to purchase GTA:VC from a local store. The news states that the game caused these troubled youths to resort to crime. One thing that troubled me, was the fact that the newspaper stated that the youths purchased the game with stolen credit cards. This, to me, sounds like they were doin' the stealin' before they got the game.

What do you think? Even if this game did lead to their acts, thats 2 outta how many? Personally, i am sick of hearing that video games cause direct influence in younger peoples actions. I think the parents need to take a bigger responsibility in this situation. Parental non-involvement is truely the lead to youth demise. I just rented DOA:Extreme Beach Volleyball, and you will not see me on the beach tomorrow in a 2 piece playing in the sand. No mental pictures were intended :P

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