GameShark Goes Belly Up

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Subject: GameShark Goes Belly Up

Somehow I managed to miss this tidbit over the weekend, but the folks at GameShark (you know, allows you to cheat on various consoles, etc) have gone belly up (no puns please). Here's the suckage:

Interact has just announce as of 01-14-03 that they will be going out of business. We are sorry to report that this item will not be available to those who have not ordered as of January 10th. We are currently working with Intereact to arrange for preordered products to ship before removing Interact products from our site. Please email Guest Service if you have any questions.
What sucks most is that their homepage is dead as well which means no access to the existing cheat code database. This doesn't mean all is lost though, as the folks at Datel are apparently taking up the slack and are going to continue to support existing Gameshark owners. Yay!

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