BF1942 1.3 Patch Coming Soon

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Subject: BF1942 1.3 Patch Coming Soon

There's news on the Battlefield 1942 homepage EA and DICE are working hard on the 1.3 patch, apparently wanting to get it out before the new expansion (Road to Rome). Word:

Everyone on the Battlefield team at DICE and EA has been working late nights on another surprise for the community. Wed like to take this time to announce the Battlefield 1942 1.3 patch its coming soon, maybe even sooner than you think! Look for more details about the patch soon, for now heres a sneak peek:

Implemented TK solution: On the server-side you can implement various TK-solutions such as a Spawn Delay penalty (puts them into spawn limbo) or the simple Kick/Ban. On the client-side you'll be able to Forgive or Punish TK depending on how the server is set up.
Client performance optimization
Map-loading optimized
Improved interface for in-game voting

In addition, the 1.3 patch will allow Road to Rome users to play on original BF1942 servers. You will still need to own RtR in order to play on the new maps included in the expansion pack.
So perhaps we could be seeing the patch within a week or two? That would be very welcomed by players I imagine, especially with the new vote kicking and TK punishment, about time we can control those gutless TK'ers =P.

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