CS Fusion Pack v10

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: CS Fusion Pack v10

Not sure how many folks out in Counter-Strike land actually play with this, but for those that do, the folks at Games Fusion have released their newest version of their Fusion Pack, bring it up to version 10. What exactly is Fusion Pack you say? In a word:

The Fusion Pack is the most downloaded and widely used replacement pack for Counter-Strike there has ever been. Its popularity and high recommendations make it the clear choice for users wanting to change their Counter-Strike experience. Fusion Pack will replace almost every aspect of the Counter-Strike game including weapon models, player models, sounds, sprites, 2D graphics and more! Additionally the Fusion Pack will include optional enhancements such as new single player and multiplayer maps with PODBot support.
You can nab your copy here.

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